“The Yoh Shomei Museum of Kita-Kamakura is itself a beautiful picture book. I made it in the image of a Western-style home in which once lived a a father who is an artist and poet, with his gentle wife and their children, 10-year old Lila and 5-year old Claude. All who come to visit can relax as if they were in their own home.” (Yoh Shomei)

Yoh Shomei’s art features spreading green fields and clear blue skies, with houses, trees, people, and animals dotted among them. . . . In the words of Yanase Takashi, “He paints the air.” His style has won praise from many people and continues to soothe the viewer’s heart with its unruffled and warm feeling.
The permanent exhibition of our Museum consists of about 80 of Yoh Shomei’s many original works. The exhibit in the first floor gallery is changed 6 times a year, and that in the rooms on the second floor at every season.
The garden has six American maples,while white hydrangeas and white roses each blossom in their season, inviting visitors into a picture-book world. We hope you will take some time to rest and refresh yourself among the beautiful pictures and words.

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Visitor’s Comments

ついに 150冊を 超えました。


From the time the Museum opened, there has been a notebook in the exhibition room where visitors to the Museum can record their impressions. By now 150 of these B5 size notebooks have been filled. We staff members enjoy looking through these notebooks and so does Yoh Shomei himself when he comes to the museum. From their contents we can tell that this museum is a place to which people want to return, which they feel fills some need in their lives. At the same time, the comments are precious to us as a reminder of our own first experience of the art here. When you visit, please be sure to read them. And if you write your own feelings too, it will make us very happy.


  • “I intended to do some sightseeing in Kamakura today, and along the way I discovered this wonderful place. My mother is a great fan of Yoh Shomei, so I stopped by instinctively, but it was the perfect thing to do. I have known Mr. Yoh’s pictures since I was little, but his poetry and drawings were new to me and gave me a feeling of peaceful calm. Right now, I feel rejuvenated. Next time I want to bring my mother.”
    “This was my first visit. Ten years ago, before I had found a job, I happened to pick up a picture book at a bookstore and felt myself revive. I am so happy I could come here. I hope I can come again.”
  • “Simple, gentle, profound. I feel as though my heart has been washed clean by the many paintings and poems. I pray that this same kind of tranquility and peace comes to the whole world.”
    “I came here for the first time on a school trip when I was in junior high and was so moved that I never forgot it. Now, at the age of 23, I am back again, this time on my own. Next I want to bring my children.”
  • “I was so struck by the very profound words. I feel that the numerous poems reminded me of things that I had forgotten in my own life. How meaningful words can be. I was deeply moved.”